Daddy day!

Today was Elisabeth’s daddy day. We are lucky enough that my husband’s boss has agreed to let him have Mondays off. It’s brilliant that they have got this day together every week to bond and do fun stuff. And it makes it a lot easier for me to go to work, because I know she […]

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This is your wake up call!

Yawn……..getting up at 5am is bad enough when it happens during the week, but on a Sunday it seems to be twice as hard. Elisabeth woke up at 5am screaming so loud that I jumped out of bed and got to her in about 3 seconds. She wasn’t impressed when all she got was a […]

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Good morning!

So, another good night sleep, woohoo! Soon I will have to come up with some other excuse to not do the housework, not pay attention at work, not do any exercise, not start my diet because if things continue like they are, lack of sleep will no longer be a valid excuse 🙂 And who knows, […]

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Sleep? Yes please!

So, we are finally getting a little bit more sleep. Elisabeth, my wonderful 14 month old daughter is responding well to the sleep training we’re putting her through (for the second time!). She has never been a good sleeper so we’re very happy that she is now, finally, sleeping through most nights. Last night she […]

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Hello world!

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Elske and I would like to tell you about my world and the crazy (and not so crazy) things that happen in it. Hopefully it will make you smile. Elske x

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