Daddy day!

Today was Elisabeth’s daddy day. We are lucky enough that my husband’s boss has agreed to let him have Mondays off. It’s brilliant that they have got this day together every week to bond and do fun stuff. And it makes it a lot easier for me to go to work, because I know she loves daddy day.

Tomorrow is nursery day, and although it is only for one day a week, and we know it is good for her to mix with other kids, I still don’t like dropping her off. I always feel like I’m paying someone else to do my job that I should really be doing myself. Last week was especially hard because I knew she was tired and she gave me the trembling bottom lip when I waved bye bye. But as I stood in the hallway waiting for the crying to start ………………… Nothing happened, and she had a great day which she told me all about when I came to pick her up. I know she can’t talk yet, but I know what she means.

One question though, we had another good night sleep, so why am I still sooooooooooooooooo tired?!?


4 thoughts on “Daddy day!

  1. You’re very lucky to only have one nursery day a week. We have to work full-time and do daycare full-time during the week, so just feel lucky you only have to do it one day! And you’re probably tired because you’re body enjoyed the sleep and isn’t used to it. When our little guys sleeps well at night, I can’t sleep. But then when he’s up every hour at night, I’m super-tired. Doesn’t make sense, right!?

    1. I realise we’re very lucky, must be hard to do it every day. And you are right, my body is definately not used to sleep, but hopefully after 14 months of being exhausted things seem to be getting better. Fingers crossed.

      And thank you for your comment, I am new to the whole blogging thing and you were the first to comment!

      1. Yay for your first comment! Good luck with the sleeping and I’ll keep in touch and maybe we can swap some suggestions – our little guy is 7 months and still not sleeping through the night… fun fun!

  2. It’s hard when they don’t sleep. I got a book called: good night, sleep tight by Kim West and her method works really well for us. Lots of people recommended control crying which I don’t believe in, but this is a gentler method. Still hard to do, but it works and you stay with them while they cry. It is worth a try.

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