Good days and bad days….

Most days I find being the mum the most wonderful thing in the world, spending the whole day with my daughter (on the days I don’t work) feels like a privilege beyond belief. There is nothing in the world that I would rather do. But some days, it is incredibly hard. No matter how hard […]

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One of the most satisfying things to observe is a child tucking into a meal you prepared. Whether this is a sandwich: Or very messy pasta: But nothing is funnier than bananas. For some reason there is no way of taking small bites from a banana, if I would let her Elisabeth would shove the […]

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Chicken pox…..again?

About six weeks ago Elisabeth woke up with a rash on her tummy. After doing all the checks to rule out anything serious, we kind of assumed it was chicken pox. Which presented a few problems, my mother in law, who babysits on Wednesdays, has never had chicken pox. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem […]

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Toddlers are funny….

And if like mine…..exhausting. This morning, after a full night sleep (yay!), we went to the library. We do this every two or three weeks, and we both choose three or four books. Elisabeth loves reading, she spends more time with her books than with her toys. As my husband claims that he has not […]

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It’s Friday!

Yes I know it is not really Friday today. Don’t worry I am not going mad (well, not that I know of anyway), it’s just because I work Monday to Wednesday, from a working week point of view, today is indeed my Friday. Apologies to all of you out there who still have two days […]

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Our day at the beach

So, as we had a rare afternoon without the immediate threat of rain, we thought we go and hang out on the beach for a bit. Elisabeth had been before on one of her daddy days but it was my first time with her on the beach. It was great, she loved walking so close […]

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So today was our 7th wedding anniversary. Seven years……….wow……….that kind a crept up on me. I can remember the wedding as if it was yesterday, just family and a couple of friends, no big car to pick us up, no big dress costing a month’s wages, nothing flash, just me and him and the promise […]

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