Loving the sleep

Although I still seem to be just as tired as when Elisabeth wasn’t sleeping very well, I am enjoying the sleep we’re getting. Last night was another good one, Elisabeth slept from 7 until 6.45 which is brilliant.

It’s amazing how obsessed with sleep you can become when you’re sleep deprived. Just a few weeks ago I couldn’t walk through town without thinking every time I passed someone: “I wonder if she is getting any sleep?”. And at work, when I saw someone yawn, I really struggled to not say: “You think you are tired do you? Really? Try not sleeping for 14 months! Then we’ll see if you’re tired!”. Obviously I didn’t say anything like that because it wouldn’t be very nice, so I tried to suffer in silence, accept the situation and hope that soon we’ll have the energy to start her sleep training again.

And now we’re sleeping again we’re just desperately hoping this good fortune will continue.

Although, if I’m really honest, I doubt it.

Elske x

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