Our day at the beach


So, as we had a rare afternoon without the immediate threat of rain, we thought we go and hang out on the beach for a bit. Elisabeth had been before on one of her daddy days but it was my first time with her on the beach. It was great, she loved walking so close to the sea that every time a wave came, I had to snatch her up to not get wet. It was quite cold so getting wet was definately not a good idea.


Elisabeth loved collecting pebbles, although we had to put her off some as she picked out ones that were so big she wouldn’t even be able to carry them.


All in all we had a wonderful afternoon and got back into the car just as it was starting to rain.


Elske x

2 thoughts on “Our day at the beach

  1. I Love the polka dot jacket! So cute! I wish I could look that good in polka dots πŸ™‚ cute pictures…looks like fun πŸ™‚

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