It’s Friday!

Yes I know it is not really Friday today. Don’t worry I am not going mad (well, not that I know of anyway), it’s just because I work Monday to Wednesday, from a working week point of view, today is indeed my Friday.

Apologies to all of you out there who still have two days left to work, I feel for you, especially all of you who are juggling work and trying to spend enough time with your families. I know it’s hard and I am very grateful that tomorrow I can wear my scruffy old jeans, which are getting worse by the day as I am on my knees 90% of my time playing with Elisabeth. Guess what I’m spending this month’s wages on…..

The weird thing is though, even though my weekend has officially started, it doesn’t feel like it. I still get very excited on Friday because that evening the actual weekend will start, not just for me, but for my husband and for most other people who are lucky enough not to work weekends. So even though today is my pretend Friday, actual Friday still rules!

Elske x

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