Toddlers are funny….

And if like mine…..exhausting. This morning, after a full night sleep (yay!), we went to the library. We do this every two or three weeks, and we both choose three or four books. Elisabeth loves reading, she spends more time with her books than with her toys. As my husband claims that he has not read one single book after leaving school, I am thinking she might get it from me, as my last three library books only lasted me two weeks.

Anyway, we got there at 9.05 and they open at 9.30, oops.luckily they have a little cafe in the same building which was open so I had a cup of tea and Elisabeth has a piece of toast. You should have seen the ladies face when I asked her not to put butter on it, as if I was abusing my child by not giving her butter which is full of salt! Shame on me for raising her on a healthy diet, it was bad enough that it was white bread, which normally she also doesn’t get. I think it must have been the sugar in the white bread because as soon as we got to the library she started running around as if she had a rocket strapped to her back. I just about managed to choose a few books for her, but the really hard bit was to choose some for me. I love libraries and bookshops, I can nose around for hours before I decide what I want to read, however as I was trying to control a little tasmanian devil I managed (just about) to grab two books I wanted, luckily I knew what author I was after as there was no way I was going to have a chance to read what the book was about, and the third one, was a lucky dip. Elisabeth was charging towards the door and I grabbed the first book I could lay my hands on. The lucky winner was Sword of the Templars, by Paul Christopher…..never heard of it, but hopefully it’s good, let me know what you think if you have read it. At least I have enough prose to keep me going for at least a couple of weeks.

Elske x

2 thoughts on “Toddlers are funny….

  1. I don’t know it. I love taking my children to the library. We have been reading with our children since they were tiny. Now the older is a big reader and the younger is getting there.

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