Good days and bad days….

Most days I find being the mum the most wonderful thing in the world, spending the whole day with my daughter (on the days I don’t work) feels like a privilege beyond belief. There is nothing in the world that I would rather do.

But some days, it is incredibly hard. No matter how hard you try to remain cheerful have lots of giggles and keep your patience, some days it just won’t work.

Yesterday was one of those days. I was up at 5am, which I don’t mind because it gives me a bit of time to read, write and drink cups of tea before Elisabeth wakes up. However she decided to wake at 6am, I know that is not that early, but we have only just gotten used to her waking up between 6.30 and 7.30 after 14 months of no routine at all. Anyway, I love seeing her in the morning so I wasn’t complaining. It had been quite warm during the night and I think we should have dressed her a bit cooler because as soon as I got her nappy off, she got up and started running off, refusing to let me put any more clothes on her. Now, I don’t have an issue with this at all, if she doesn’t want to wear clothes fine. But I do kind of want her in a nappy. I let her run around for a bit thinking that she would eventually calm down and let me dress her. I was wrong, and it wasn’t just in the morning either, every single nappy change took ages because she would just not let me do it.

It’s always been difficult to change her as she refuses to lay still most of the time, but yesterday was extreme even for her. Luckily it was a hot day and she spent a lot of time naked in the garden, but I’m hoping today will be a little better. Don’t get me wrong, we still had a lovely day together yesterday, but it was hard hard work.

Does anyone else have problems with changing time and wriggly babies/toddlers?


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