Help, my brain is fried….

So this week is the last week of an incredibly stressful project at work, well actually there are 3 important projects going on at the same time, all with not enough time to complete them. It has been quite hard trying to fully focus on work, including working many extra hours either from home or in the office, and also making sure family life doesn’t suffer from it. I write this as if I have actually managed it…..not quite….I had just enough energy to protect Elisabeth from my foul mood, but I have been a moody old cow to my husband. Luckily (really?) he has been quite a grouch as well so neither of us blames the other, which is a good thing. But still, it is not a good thing when work gets so bad you take the stress home. But hey, in this time of recession I am grateful to have a job (well, some days I am) and I am even more grateful to be coming home to my little monkey and hear about her adventures.

She’s been having all sorts of adventures lately, most of them taking place on the green outside our house:




What are you grateful for?


Play that funky music…..

One of the things I miss since having a baby is listening to music. I still listen to music, but in the times before baby I used to love doing my chores whilst listening to my ipod. Obviously this is out of the question with a toddler running around. But as the outside of the back of our house needed painting this weekend I saw my chance. I have to admit that my husband looked slightly surprised as I volunteered for this mind numbingly boring job. What he didn’t realise is that all I wanted was some undisturbed ipod time. It was lovely. I almost felt like my old self again, almost.

The following songs are some of the ones I enjoyed the most this afternoon (in no particular order):

1. Black – Pearl Jam
2. Secret Smile – Semisonic
3. Shoot the Moon – Norah Jones
4. Stopping the Love – KT Tunstall
5. Leven zonder angst – Brigitte Kaandorp (for the Dutchies among us)
6. Harder to breathe – Maroon 5
7. The lines of my earth – Sixpence none the richer

What songs do you like to listen to when doing chores or diy?


To work or not to work…..

That is the question that I am sure a lot of mums, and dads, out there are asking themselves on a regular basis. When my older sister was born my mum stopped working, this wasn’t 100% her choice but she was more than happy to give up her career for he children, and she didn’t go back to work until we were in high school and our situation at home meant that she had to go out and find work.

Every day I came home from school (up until we were about 12) my mum was at home waiting with a cup of tea and a biscuit. This made me feel I was the very centre of her universe, whichI guess we kind of were. I am very grateful for this and even though we weren’t well off, I would not have swapped this for having a bit more money to buy nicer clothes and have holidays abroad.

Because of this I see having a stay at home mum is the right way to bring up children. No let me rephrase, as my ideal way to bring up children. Apologies, I do not mean to give the impression that I think it is wrong for mums with kids to go back to work, I say well done to them, it’s hard, I know because I’m doing it as well. I just mean that I personally would like to do it the same way as my parents did it.

However, because I went back to work part time, my husband has been able to have every Monday off to look after Elisabeth. He loves his daddy day and I am delighted that he gets this time with her without having me around. And spending one day a week with my mother in law is something that Elisabeth really enjoys. Which just leaves the worst day of the week, nursery day – yuk!

We have been having some problems at nursery, Elisabeth came home with really bad nappy rash because they hadn’t noticed her dirty nappy even though she was screaming because she was in so much pain, and we are thinking of changing to a child minder (a friend of a friend). I would love to hear anyone who has experience with child minders and whether they prefer it to nurseries or not.

Anyway, to answer the question to work or not to work, if it was just up to me, NOT TO WORK (which in my case means leave employment but become a freelance writer so I can work from home, so I won’t just be lazing on the sofa:-)) without a doubt. But as in our current financial situation this means that we would have to cancel daddy day………I guess I will just have to man up, get over it and go to work. Who knows, maybe in 30 years time Elisabeth will blog about how she loved having a day alone with her dad and how she wouldn’t have changed it for the world. Let’s hope so.


Time flies….even when you’re not having quite so much fun

Wow, has it really been two weeks since my last post?!? So much for trying to write something every couple of days, but sometimes time really does fly.

Last weekend was an extra long one thanks to the Queen’s jubilee. On Friday the three of us went to the zoo for the first time since Elisabeth was born. She loved seeing monkeys for the first time and we loved seeing her seeing the monkeys :-). Unfortunately as soon as we got home she started throwing up, she tends to do this when she is teething and just before she gets a temperature. Unfortunately this didn’t stop all weekend, poor little monkey. Me and my husband got sicked on more often than we care to remember and obviously didn’t get much sleep. But by the time it was Monday she was absolutely fine and ready for a week of fun! Unfortunately by then I had caught a really nasty cold which is still going strong. My husband now has a throat infection and can’t eat because swallowing is just too painful. I guess all of this has contributed to my lack of writing.

I obviously know that children bring back all sorts of illnesses from nursery, friends and all the other places we take them but that I would be having 6 colds in 4 months (so far, who knows how many more there will be) has surprised me a bit to be honest. And not in a good way.

Please tell me this is just a first couple of years thing and won’t last forever?!?!?