Help, my brain is fried….

So this week is the last week of an incredibly stressful project at work, well actually there are 3 important projects going on at the same time, all with not enough time to complete them. It has been quite hard trying to fully focus on work, including working many extra hours either from home or […]

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Play that funky music…..

One of the things I miss since having a baby is listening to music. I still listen to music, but in the times before baby I used to love doing my chores whilst listening to my ipod. Obviously this is out of the question with a toddler running around. But as the outside of the […]

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To work or not to work…..

That is the question that I am sure a lot of mums, and dads, out there are asking themselves on a regular basis. When my older sister was born my mum stopped working, this wasn’t 100% her choice but she was more than happy to give up her career for he children, and she didn’t […]

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