Time flies….even when you’re not having quite so much fun

Wow, has it really been two weeks since my last post?!? So much for trying to write something every couple of days, but sometimes time really does fly.

Last weekend was an extra long one thanks to the Queen’s jubilee. On Friday the three of us went to the zoo for the first time since Elisabeth was born. She loved seeing monkeys for the first time and we loved seeing her seeing the monkeys :-). Unfortunately as soon as we got home she started throwing up, she tends to do this when she is teething and just before she gets a temperature. Unfortunately this didn’t stop all weekend, poor little monkey. Me and my husband got sicked on more often than we care to remember and obviously didn’t get much sleep. But by the time it was Monday she was absolutely fine and ready for a week of fun! Unfortunately by then I had caught a really nasty cold which is still going strong. My husband now has a throat infection and can’t eat because swallowing is just too painful. I guess all of this has contributed to my lack of writing.

I obviously know that children bring back all sorts of illnesses from nursery, friends and all the other places we take them but that I would be having 6 colds in 4 months (so far, who knows how many more there will be) has surprised me a bit to be honest. And not in a good way.

Please tell me this is just a first couple of years thing and won’t last forever?!?!?


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