Play that funky music…..

One of the things I miss since having a baby is listening to music. I still listen to music, but in the times before baby I used to love doing my chores whilst listening to my ipod. Obviously this is out of the question with a toddler running around. But as the outside of the back of our house needed painting this weekend I saw my chance. I have to admit that my husband looked slightly surprised as I volunteered for this mind numbingly boring job. What he didn’t realise is that all I wanted was some undisturbed ipod time. It was lovely. I almost felt like my old self again, almost.

The following songs are some of the ones I enjoyed the most this afternoon (in no particular order):

1. Black – Pearl Jam
2. Secret Smile – Semisonic
3. Shoot the Moon – Norah Jones
4. Stopping the Love – KT Tunstall
5. Leven zonder angst – Brigitte Kaandorp (for the Dutchies among us)
6. Harder to breathe – Maroon 5
7. The lines of my earth – Sixpence none the richer

What songs do you like to listen to when doing chores or diy?


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