Help, my brain is fried….

So this week is the last week of an incredibly stressful project at work, well actually there are 3 important projects going on at the same time, all with not enough time to complete them. It has been quite hard trying to fully focus on work, including working many extra hours either from home or in the office, and also making sure family life doesn’t suffer from it. I write this as if I have actually managed it…..not quite….I had just enough energy to protect Elisabeth from my foul mood, but I have been a moody old cow to my husband. Luckily (really?) he has been quite a grouch as well so neither of us blames the other, which is a good thing. But still, it is not a good thing when work gets so bad you take the stress home. But hey, in this time of recession I am grateful to have a job (well, some days I am) and I am even more grateful to be coming home to my little monkey and hear about her adventures.

She’s been having all sorts of adventures lately, most of them taking place on the green outside our house:




What are you grateful for?

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