I knew I shouldn’t have…….

I knew I shouldn’t have said yesterday that we did the right thing, I knew I shouldn’t have said we might be getting the hang of things, I knew I shouldn’t have asked for another night sleep, I should have known that all that would only lead to one thing………

Yes, you guessed right, we didn’t sleep through. After quite a bit of crying I got Elisabeth up at 3am and she slept with me whilst my husband slept in the spare room, because for such a little person she takes up an awful lot of room in our bed. Is it some sort of unwritten rule that toddlers must sleep sideways when sharing their parent’s bed?

Anyway, we failed miserably and need to sort it out.


Sleep update

After another week of bad nights, we finally had a breakthrough last night. We think Elisabeth has been teething now for a while, but yesterday we got a bit worried that she was playing us. So when she started crying after having been in bed for about an hour, we decided to leave her and see how she got on. Obviously we only did this because we could tell from her cry she wasn’t really upset. Within 15 minutes she had fallen asleep again – result! She had another cry during the night, but was quiet within minutes. Even though I am very much against the whole control crying thing, I think last night we did the right thing. It was also great to sort her out before we both got too exhausted, we tend to let it continue for a bit too long, but not this time. I think we might be getting the hang of this parenting thing you know 🙂

So, come on my darling Elisabeth, make it 2 in a row. You can do it!

Farting is funny, right?

The other day we were having dinner and my husband was putting some ketchup on his plate. The ketchup bottle was almost empty and when he squeezed the bottle made the good old farting sound. Elisabeth found this hilarious and spent the rest of her dinner making fart noises. Perhaps we should have known better, but we didn’t, we laughed. She now also laughs when she herself passes wind, which presumably is because we might have giggled at her farts every now and then.

I know, bad parenting, but farting is funny, right?

That’s it….I’ve had enough!

Today Elisabeth is 17 months old exactly, and I am about 17lbs (if not more) heavier than I should/want to be. I know, I know, it is perfectly normal to carry a bit of baby weight, and I know I am not fat, although this is mainly because I am tall and therefore get away with putting on quite a bit of weight before it shows, but I only fit in about 10% of my clothes. And even most of the 10% fits badly. So that’s it…I have had enough.

I have 2 options:
1) Buy a lot of new clothes
2) Lose weight

As I reduced my hours at work to look after Elisabeth, my income has also reduced. On top of that, due to my height, buying clothes in the UK is a total nightmare. Therefore, the most viable option is to lose weight. Normally this is not a problem for me as I love exercise. I used to enjoy long distance running, until I messed up my knee (running a half marathon on torn cartilage is definitely not something I would recommend). I also used to love cycling to work, until pregnancy made me so tired it was impossible to keep up. So I am no stranger to exercise, and I do want to get fit again, it is just hard to find the time and the energy.

Dieting is not something I have ever been able to do properly, of course I can eat healthy and not eat too much chocolate, but being constantly hungry is not something that agrees with me. If I don’t eat enough I will either get a migraine, or I will just pass out. Also, when you don’t get enough sleep you need to get energy from somewhere and food is an easy energy source, and out of all foods chocolate seems to provide the energy fastest – so guess what I have been eating?

In short it is going to have to be a combination of the two, eat a bit more sensible and try to squeeze in some exercise. How? I have no idea. But from Wednesday, as this is the end of my holiday, I will be giving it a real good go.

Please let me know of anything that worked for you, or share your pain if you’re struggling with the same thing.

Answers on a postcard please…

Here is a question for you: Why is a cup of tea so comforting? And here is another one, why is it that when you make a pot of tea it multiplies by 10 at least on the comfort scale? surely caffeine is the least relaxing of substances, but whenever someone is tired, upset or just in a real bad mood, the words ‘I’ll put the kettle on’ bring instant relief of all ails.

My answer would have to be that I have no idea whatsoever, I just know that it’s true. After another very long night with Elisabeth, my husband kindly took her for a drive so I could relax for a bit and hopefully Elisabeth could have a little nap in the car. Now judging by the amount of sleep I have had in the last couple of weeks I should have gone straight to bed. But instead I felt a real urge to make a pot of tea, not a cup of tea, there would not be enough comfort from just a cup, only a pot would do even though I like my tea hot so will only be able to drink a couple of cups before I throw the rest away. And as expected, even though I am still utterly exhausted, I am now relaxed and ready for an afternoon of playing and changing nappies and anything else that my little monster decides to throw at me.

So sleep later and enjoy your cuppa!


A couple of things really left me speechless today, this is not something that happens to me often. The first thing was my wonderful little girl. My sister, brother in law, nephew and my mum are with us for a week and Elisabeth and her cousin are kind of playing together for the first time. He has just turned 3 and is a great little boy. They were both playing in Oma’s (grandma’s) room earlier and then they walked out hand in hand. There is something so sweet about two toddlers walking hand in hand, and as mentioned I had no words, well apart from: awwwwwww! But I don’t think that counts as a word.

The second thing was when I was out grocery shopping. My husband and I were queueing to pay, Elisabeth was sitting in our trolly watching the elderly lady in front of us. When she had loaded up all of her groceries, she started talking to what we think was her grandson who asked the slightly dumb question: Are you shopping? Need I say more?

What a difference a sleep makes

For some reason, when I put Elisabeth to bed last night, I had a good feeling about the night to come. I thought she was going to sleep through. Then again, we often think this and it certainly isn’t always true.

I was nervously looking at the baby monitor with every little sound, and when she had a little cry at half past 8 I felt drained and just wished she would go back to sleep, which she did! I was relieved but still anxious, it was only half 8.

The next crucial point was 10, when we went to bed, she often wakes just before or just after we go to bed, so we were extra quiet. When I got in bed I quietly said: “please don’t wake up sweetheart”

The next thing I remember was my husband alarm clock beeping at 5am, which to be honest is a tad early, bit still beats going for a drive in the middle of the night to get a certain someone to sleep. Unfortunately I was so excited that she had slept through that I was wide awake and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I got up and had a couple of hours of reading time on the sofa. Yay! Great start of the weekend, well, almost weekend.

Apologies to anyone who read this post in the last few minutes, Elisabeth somehow managed to publish this whilst I was still typing. No idea how 🙂

Anyway, we are hopeful for another good night. Bring it on!