I knew I shouldn’t have…….

I knew I shouldn’t have said yesterday that we did the right thing, I knew I shouldn’t have said we might be getting the hang of things, I knew I shouldn’t have asked for another night sleep, I should have known that all that would only lead to one thing……… Yes, you guessed right, we […]

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Sleep update

After another week of bad nights, we finally had a breakthrough last night. We think Elisabeth has been teething now for a while, but yesterday we got a bit worried that she was playing us. So when she started crying after having been in bed for about an hour, we decided to leave her and […]

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Farting is funny, right?

The other day we were having dinner and my husband was putting some ketchup on his plate. The ketchup bottle was almost empty and when he squeezed the bottle made the good old farting sound. Elisabeth found this hilarious and spent the rest of her dinner making fart noises. Perhaps we should have known better, […]

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A couple of things really left me speechless today, this is not something that happens to me often. The first thing was my wonderful little girl. My sister, brother in law, nephew and my mum are with us for a week and Elisabeth and her cousin are kind of playing together for the first time. […]

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What a difference a sleep makes

For some reason, when I put Elisabeth to bed last night, I had a good feeling about the night to come. I thought she was going to sleep through. Then again, we often think this and it certainly isn’t always true. I was nervously looking at the baby monitor with every little sound, and when […]

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