It’s the little things that make us happy

This is probably true for everyone, but when you become a parent the things that make you happy are really really small things, but they are enormous in your world. The first time our baby smiles at us we tell everyone: She smiled! The first time Elisabeth giggled I cried because it was truly the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. The list goes on and on, the first time they roll over, wave, crawl, you can imagine the rest. All of these are wonderful, but yesterday we had one that really felt like a leap forward. Our little monkey has been practising with nodding yes, which is great as she can now communicate not only that she doesn’t want something, but more importantly, that she does.
Last night she didn’t want to go to sleep, she does this every now and the and the only thing that works is just to let her run around for an hour and start her bedtime routine from scratch. So, after an hour of playing with far more energy than I had, she started to seem sleepy and I picked her up, gave her a cuddle and asked if she wanted to go to sleep………and she nodded…….yes……… Given the problems we have had with getting her to sleep, this just made me feel so happy. She actually wanted to go to bed! And she slept until 7.15 the next morning. Funny how a little nod can make my day.
I’s amazing to see her grown and learn, bring on the next first!


5 thoughts on “It’s the little things that make us happy

      1. Awe!!! Kisses! Too cute. Avery does this wide open gaping mouth with drool everywhere over my mouth kiss… he’s close but graceful and ‘proper’…not yet!

      2. Every time he gets close and sleeping 2-3 nights thru, he gets sick. He has has an URI for a couple weeks. Keep taking him to the docs and they say it’s just a cold on top of a cold. So again I’m waiting for that to pass…

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