First times

As I talked about first times the other day I thought I would share another one that happened today. However today was not a baby but a mummy first time.

Ever since Elisabeth was born I have been frustrated by how little I managed to get done every day. Somehow I had the completely unrealistic idea that in addition to looking after my first born baby, I could also clean the house every day, cook wonderful home made meals and also look stunning. It appeared I could really only do the first one….look after my baby. Obviously this is the most important thing, and luckily the only thing my husband really expected me to do. He was wonderfully supportive every time I got upset because all I managed to do was a load of washing and have a shower.

Elisabeth is a bit older now (16 months and a bit – wow time does fly) and things are getting a bit easier and today, as always, I made a very demanding ‘to do’ list. There was no way I would be able to do everything on the list, but I thought I would do as much as I can. I was wrong, not only did I do everything on the list, I did more and I even still have time to write this!

Now I know there wasn’t anything world changing on the list, but it included a bit of everything I had hoped I would be able to do when I had children. So even though no world records were broken, no marathons were ran, no steps were taken on the moon but the ‘to do’ list was completed and I am utterly exhausted but very satisfied. Thank you for listening.


3 thoughts on “First times

  1. Ahh, to do lists and productivity. I know the desire/feeling. It’s really funny because I wrote about this yesterday. Anyway, good luck making realistic lists and getting through them.

  2. Yes, funny that. Have you decided yet who to listen to? I would go for a bit of both :-). Hope you enjoy your holiday, I have two more days to work before my two week break. Yay!

  3. I’m a ‘Lister’ too. It helps me feel accomplished to cross off a task when it’s done. Whatever doesn’t get done can get carried over to tomorrow’s list. It’s great that you found something that works for you. It’s very hard to juggle a kiddo and a house. Good luck with your list making… I hope you reward yourself during naptime or when hubby gets home with some ‘me time’ for you… 🙂

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