The things we do to make them sleep….

Last night was another bad one, to be fair the good ones now hugely outnumber the bad ones so we are very happy…..most of the time. Elisabeth went to sleep fine but woke up at 22.00, just as we were going to bed, typical! My husband sat in her room for an hour trying to get her to fall asleep again but she showed no interest whatsoever. So we started our normal arsenal of tricks to get her to go to sleep:
1) Half an hour of playtime in the living room
2) An extra bottle
3) Another story
4) Some time in bed with mummy and daddy
5) Cuddles
6) Some more cuddles

None of this had any effect. By this time it was 1.30 and I was getting (understatement of the month coming… a bit sleepy. So the desperate measures came out. We both put on a warm coat and went for a drive. The plan was to get her to fall asleep, drive back home, park up and have a nap in the car (me that is). I even brought a sleeping bag. She fell asleep within 5 minutes, so I thought I’d take the next exit and turn around. Obviously, they were doing some work on the road, which is totally understandable because who on earth would be driving around at 2 o’clock Tuesday morning, so the exit was shut. Not impressed, but hey, at least she was asleep. Everything was going to an until I arrived home…parked the car…got my sleeping bag…switched off the engine…that’s when it happened…the little interior light came on…shining straight into Elisabeth’s eyes…and obviously she woke up…damn it! Excuse my language. In the end we just gave her as much food as she was willing to eat, another bottle and at 3 in the morning all was quiet and we thoroughly enjoyed our 3 and a half hours of sleep…..yawn!


7 thoughts on “The things we do to make them sleep….

  1. Tough night – it happens… keep chugging along. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’ll get better. I had many sleepless nights… even into the days when I went back to work. That was rough and even now Avery doesn’t sleep thru the night but I’m used to getting up in the middle of the night and pulling out the arsenal of tricks to put him back down…. just remember, you’re not alone 🙂

    1. I know, we are quite lucky in that she sleeps through most nights (that is after 14 months of sleepless nights), I just think she is teething now so I’m sure she’ll sort herself out. Only 4 teeth left to go – yay! I’m sure Avery will get the hang of it soon enough 🙂

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