What a difference a sleep makes

For some reason, when I put Elisabeth to bed last night, I had a good feeling about the night to come. I thought she was going to sleep through. Then again, we often think this and it certainly isn’t always true.

I was nervously looking at the baby monitor with every little sound, and when she had a little cry at half past 8 I felt drained and just wished she would go back to sleep, which she did! I was relieved but still anxious, it was only half 8.

The next crucial point was 10, when we went to bed, she often wakes just before or just after we go to bed, so we were extra quiet. When I got in bed I quietly said: “please don’t wake up sweetheart”

The next thing I remember was my husband alarm clock beeping at 5am, which to be honest is a tad early, bit still beats going for a drive in the middle of the night to get a certain someone to sleep. Unfortunately I was so excited that she had slept through that I was wide awake and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I got up and had a couple of hours of reading time on the sofa. Yay! Great start of the weekend, well, almost weekend.

Apologies to anyone who read this post in the last few minutes, Elisabeth somehow managed to publish this whilst I was still typing. No idea how πŸ™‚

Anyway, we are hopeful for another good night. Bring it on!

4 thoughts on “What a difference a sleep makes

  1. Oh, I rmemeber those nights, especially when you get several in a row and start getting accustomed to having sleep again…then they stop sleeping through the night and you start all over. Uggh!

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