A couple of things really left me speechless today, this is not something that happens to me often. The first thing was my wonderful little girl. My sister, brother in law, nephew and my mum are with us for a week and Elisabeth and her cousin are kind of playing together for the first time. He has just turned 3 and is a great little boy. They were both playing in Oma’s (grandma’s) room earlier and then they walked out hand in hand. There is something so sweet about two toddlers walking hand in hand, and as mentioned I had no words, well apart from: awwwwwww! But I don’t think that counts as a word.

The second thing was when I was out grocery shopping. My husband and I were queueing to pay, Elisabeth was sitting in our trolly watching the elderly lady in front of us. When she had loaded up all of her groceries, she started talking to what we think was her grandson who asked the slightly dumb question: Are you shopping? Need I say more?

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