Answers on a postcard please…

Here is a question for you: Why is a cup of tea so comforting? And here is another one, why is it that when you make a pot of tea it multiplies by 10 at least on the comfort scale? surely caffeine is the least relaxing of substances, but whenever someone is tired, upset or just in a real bad mood, the words ‘I’ll put the kettle on’ bring instant relief of all ails.

My answer would have to be that I have no idea whatsoever, I just know that it’s true. After another very long night with Elisabeth, my husband kindly took her for a drive so I could relax for a bit and hopefully Elisabeth could have a little nap in the car. Now judging by the amount of sleep I have had in the last couple of weeks I should have gone straight to bed. But instead I felt a real urge to make a pot of tea, not a cup of tea, there would not be enough comfort from just a cup, only a pot would do even though I like my tea hot so will only be able to drink a couple of cups before I throw the rest away. And as expected, even though I am still utterly exhausted, I am now relaxed and ready for an afternoon of playing and changing nappies and anything else that my little monster decides to throw at me.

So sleep later and enjoy your cuppa!

6 thoughts on “Answers on a postcard please…

  1. “… whenever someone is tired, upset or just in a real bad mood, the words β€˜I’ll put the kettle on’ bring instant relief of all ails.” If there are truer words, they have never been written.

  2. I agree a cup of tea is SO comforting. I love the phrase “I’ll put the kettle on’ when thinking about needing to talk with someone, but sadly, I feel our society moves so fast anymore that this phrase is not spoken nearly as much as it used to be.

  3. Hi..I’m retired now…67 but I still can relate to the days you are going through right now…in fact I just happened to have written about some of those memories. (After you get to the point where you get a little more sleep) ..enjoy every stage of this wonderful time with your child….and enjoy your tea…I also love a good cup of tea ..Diane

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