That’s it….I’ve had enough!

Today Elisabeth is 17 months old exactly, and I am about 17lbs (if not more) heavier than I should/want to be. I know, I know, it is perfectly normal to carry a bit of baby weight, and I know I am not fat, although this is mainly because I am tall and therefore get away with putting on quite a bit of weight before it shows, but I only fit in about 10% of my clothes. And even most of the 10% fits badly. So that’s it…I have had enough.

I have 2 options:
1) Buy a lot of new clothes
2) Lose weight

As I reduced my hours at work to look after Elisabeth, my income has also reduced. On top of that, due to my height, buying clothes in the UK is a total nightmare. Therefore, the most viable option is to lose weight. Normally this is not a problem for me as I love exercise. I used to enjoy long distance running, until I messed up my knee (running a half marathon on torn cartilage is definitely not something I would recommend). I also used to love cycling to work, until pregnancy made me so tired it was impossible to keep up. So I am no stranger to exercise, and I do want to get fit again, it is just hard to find the time and the energy.

Dieting is not something I have ever been able to do properly, of course I can eat healthy and not eat too much chocolate, but being constantly hungry is not something that agrees with me. If I don’t eat enough I will either get a migraine, or I will just pass out. Also, when you don’t get enough sleep you need to get energy from somewhere and food is an easy energy source, and out of all foods chocolate seems to provide the energy fastest – so guess what I have been eating?

In short it is going to have to be a combination of the two, eat a bit more sensible and try to squeeze in some exercise. How? I have no idea. But from Wednesday, as this is the end of my holiday, I will be giving it a real good go.

Please let me know of anything that worked for you, or share your pain if you’re struggling with the same thing.

12 thoughts on “That’s it….I’ve had enough!

  1. Wish I could help you but I’m trying ‘slowly’ to lose also…but things keep getting in the way…’strict’ motivation, company and going out to dinner, ‘strict’ motivation …liking food too much etc etc…you get the idea..But with you and the weight being ‘baby’ you can likely lose it with a little cutting down of your ‘favorite chocolate’ and some exercise..good luck…Diane

  2. I struggled with weight most of my young adult life but was able to lose it finally before I started having children. I never had trouble losing the weight from my pregnancies but over the course of several years of marriage, I realized I had gained 26 pounds. For the first time in my life, I went on a healthy diet, high in lean protein, and lost it all in one summer. I was never hungry. I believe it was called “Turn up the Heat.” Best wishes!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I like the sound of that diet, especially the ‘I was never hungry bit’ 🙂 The ironic thing is that I lost most of my baby weight quite quickly because I breastfed for nearly 9 months. But stopping that just before Christmas was the problem, I really struggled to stop eating the extra calories required for breastfeeding. Anyway, today is the start of healthy eating and a bit of exercise every day.

  3. Don’t beat yourself up! My first daughter was 2 years old before I got serious about losing the last 12 lbs of baby weight. My friend had a baby the same age and although we lived 600 miles from each other we both joined Weight Watchers (not sure if they have it in U.K.) and it worked. We each lost our weight. It was great to do it with a friend (even though it was remote) and WW really works. You basically eat healthy and don’t starve and they encourage any type of activity. Even making trips up and down stairs instead of setting things at the bottom or top of stairs to take down “later.” You can do it!

    1. Thanks for your comment. After a bit of thinking I decided not to go with a diet as such but for now to only cut out sugar. I’ve been doing it for about 5 days and I actually feel better already, not sure whether I’ll lose any weight but if nothing else it will make me more healthy.

  4. You are right to watch this…that weight will sneak up on you. If you cut out sugar and cokes/carbonated drinks, that will help a lot. Try to avoid fructose (read labels – it’s in a lot) as that seems to trigger weight gain in some people.
    If you simply walk 20 minutes a day you won’t gain weight. If you walk 40 minutes a day you will lose weight – maybe slowly, but it will come off. Try to walk 5 days a week – (7 is better, but who always has time – be realistic)
    Cleaning house counts as exercise.
    And don’t be afraid to splurge and eat some of your favorite treat once in a while – (just remember 100 calories = about 40 minutes of walking)
    Sometimes people eat or think they are hungry when actually it’s dehydration – so drink water.
    Walking is a good example for kids as they grow up – so continue it as yours grows – it becomes a nature hike or a time to chat or time to reduce stress…and we all need that! stress makes you fat!
    Hang in there and good luck!

  5. Thanks for your comment, cutting out sugar has been working quite well, although slowly but that’s ok. I had not thought of fructose, I’ll keep an eye on that, thank you. I have been cycling with Elisabeth on my days off which we both love and just being more active in general (including housework ha ha). At least I feel a lot better which is what it is all about I guess.

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