Farting is funny, right?

The other day we were having dinner and my husband was putting some ketchup on his plate. The ketchup bottle was almost empty and when he squeezed the bottle made the good old farting sound. Elisabeth found this hilarious and spent the rest of her dinner making fart noises. Perhaps we should have known better, but we didn’t, we laughed. She now also laughs when she herself passes wind, which presumably is because we might have giggled at her farts every now and then.

I know, bad parenting, but farting is funny, right?

5 thoughts on “Farting is funny, right?

  1. Yep! It is funny but I guarantee she will embarass you by making the noise some where inapprppriate. Be ready to laugh louder or feign displeasure.

    1. That’s ok, I’m not easily embarrassed. My husband once decided that a very busy shop in Holland was the place to practise his 3 words of Dutch, unfortunately his 3 words were ‘I want poo!’ so I’m sure I’ll cope with some farting noises 🙂

  2. Funny for a while and when she’s so cute ..but you’ll know the time to start ignoring the cuteness or turn your head so she can’t see you laughing….lol Diane

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