Sleep update

After another week of bad nights, we finally had a breakthrough last night. We think Elisabeth has been teething now for a while, but yesterday we got a bit worried that she was playing us. So when she started crying after having been in bed for about an hour, we decided to leave her and see how she got on. Obviously we only did this because we could tell from her cry she wasn’t really upset. Within 15 minutes she had fallen asleep again – result! She had another cry during the night, but was quiet within minutes. Even though I am very much against the whole control crying thing, I think last night we did the right thing. It was also great to sort her out before we both got too exhausted, we tend to let it continue for a bit too long, but not this time. I think we might be getting the hang of this parenting thing you know ๐Ÿ™‚

So, come on my darling Elisabeth, make it 2 in a row. You can do it!

6 thoughts on “Sleep update

      1. I think it is a mom thing – my wife still does that with the children. I also think that if we understand the pattern, we can make things better and are in some control.

  1. You’ve got the right idea….there is a time when you have to not immediately respond as they will get to think that whenever they cry someone comes running…It’s a learning curve..but you’ll make it…Diane

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