I knew I shouldn’t have…….

I knew I shouldn’t have said yesterday that we did the right thing, I knew I shouldn’t have said we might be getting the hang of things, I knew I shouldn’t have asked for another night sleep, I should have known that all that would only lead to one thing………

Yes, you guessed right, we didn’t sleep through. After quite a bit of crying I got Elisabeth up at 3am and she slept with me whilst my husband slept in the spare room, because for such a little person she takes up an awful lot of room in our bed. Is it some sort of unwritten rule that toddlers must sleep sideways when sharing their parent’s bed?

Anyway, we failed miserably and need to sort it out.

9 thoughts on “I knew I shouldn’t have…….

  1. I would just suggest not to take her into bed with you too many times because if she likes it and I’m sure she does…she’ll keep crying until you do it again..Maybe better to listen to the crying until you feel you have to go in and soothe her there even if it seems more convenient for you to take her into your bed…habits once formed are hard to break…Diane

    1. I know you’re right, I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to cope with crying for ages, I’m all ready for it tonight though. But hopefully I won’t need it. Fingers crossed.

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