So I started this post the other day to share the wonderful news that our conservatory is finally finished, or in Elisabeth’s words – Done! We finished the floor last weekend and it has been really great this week. Because we have a house where the kitchen is on the ground floor and the living […]

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To Kindle or not……

I love books, I love reading, I love owning and buying books. I love standing in front of my bookcase and thinking hmmmm, what shall I read next. Shall I pick one that I have never read before or re-read a favourite, should it be easy reading or a bit more intellectual, English or Dutch, […]

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First words

One of my blogging friends (Meghan, check her out at Ratnam Residence) wrote a lovely post about her little boy’s first word the other day. It reminded me of something that happened the other day and I thought I’d share it with you. Elisabeth is really practising her words now. She’ll try and repeat most […]

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No more smelly busses…..

Why is it that there are always smelly people on my bus? Almost every time I get on a bus it is full of smelly people, and they always seem to come and sit next to me. Sweat, smoke, booze, nothing seems to be too much. Do these people not shower? Do they think in […]

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Sleep update

There are some good things happening on the sleep front. After a month of having to get Elisabeth up almost every night at different times, for a week now we have been able to go back to our sleep training routine where we go into her room when she cries and stay with her until […]

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One Thousand……Really?!?!

This week I reached quite an exciting milestone, I reached 1,000 views on my blog! How exciting! When I started blogging I was quite sceptical, I couldn’t really imagine that anyone, apart from my mum, dad and sister, would be interested to read about my little life. How wrong was I? On one thousand separate […]

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