My favourite time of day

I am going to have to cheat on this one, I have 2 favourite times of day. I like both of them for very different reasons, so I hope you’ll let me off.

My first favourite time of the day is the moment when Elisabeth wakes up. She starts stirring and chatting and then a few minutes later enter the moment: I walk into her room and she gives me the biggest smile and stretches her arms out to me. When she was a tiny baby she used to smile and start kicking her legs like mad, she always did this when she got excited about something. And no matter how little sleep she lets me have and how exhausted I am, that moment makes my day, every single day.

My second favourite time of day is when Elisabeth goes to bed. Contrary to popular belief she actually loves bedtime. She loves bath time with daddy and bottle and story time with mummy. When I leave the room she normal chats for a good 15-30 minutes and then enter the moment: the whole house is quiet, Elisabeth is asleep, my husband is normally in the bath or shower and I enjoy a few minutes of nothing, absolutely nothing. Bliss.

What is your favourite time of the day?

9 thoughts on “My favourite time of day

  1. It is so precious when your child melts your heart that way….I guess I like the morning because although I wake up fairly early (can’t sleep in anymore) just to have a leisurely breakfast and sit with my husband and watch some t.v. and look at some blogs is relaxing and nice….Diane

    1. Yes, I always imagined those moments before I had children, but they are so much better than I could have ever imagined. I love mornings too, on the sofa with a cup of tea and a book. Lovely.

  2. Awe so sweet. U r so lucky to have such an angel. My favorite times of day are 1. When I pick Avery up from daycare. I look forward to it all day at work. 2. Our long walk together when we get home. He sleeps. I get exercise and I’m free to zone out or roam some thoughts..

      1. Yes! I now have time with our new schedule with this new daycare to take a 30 minute walk every night when we get home with Avery LOVE IT. So relaxing…

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