My favourite album….

When it comes to music, I like quite a lot of different types of music. I like classical music, I’m a big Vivaldi fan, I know it’s not very original but ‘The Four Seasons’ is just awesome. I also like a bit of rock, Bush or Smashing Pumpkins (do they count as rock?) are always good. In the nineties I was a huge Blur fan, and I still enjoy their cheerful tunes. I have a real love for Acda en de Munnik, a Dutch duo whose lyrics are so clever and the melodies are great. I also like strong female voices like Whitney Houston. A woman with a guitar like Janis Ian or Jewel is always great. I guess my guilty pleasure would be the Dixie Chicks – ha ha who doesn’t love a bit of country music. Anyway, I could go on forever, but my all time favourite album is ‘August and everything after’ by the Counting Crows. Whether I’m happy or sad, there is always a song on there that enhances or matches my mood and his voice is just something special.

What is your favourite album? Or what type of music do you like?

4 thoughts on “My favourite album….

  1. I am also a fan of the Counting Crows. I do think the lead singer is a bit odd and takes himself too seriously. I also was not impressed when I saw them in concert.
    Favorite album – something Springsteen – not sure which.

  2. Boy..I’m out of my element here…I’m a product of the 50’s and 60’s music….mostly all the top 50 big hits….gotta mention Elvis and of course the Beatles I like Celine Dion, and Josh Groban to name a couple and I do like some country music also…You’re a much more varied listener than I Diane

    1. I meant to put The Beatles in there but forgot! I do love The Beatles, great music. I like some Celine Dion songs, my favourite one of hers is s’il sufficait, although I might have spelt that wrong, beautiful song.

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