My favourite day of the week

Now on this one I am going to cheat properly because all days of the week are my favourite for different reasons, yes, even Mondays. So here is why:

Monday – Mondays are good because it is Elisabeth’s daddy day. This is good because she gets to spend the whole day doing fun things with her daddy and because when I come home from work my dinner is on the table – awesome!
Tuesday – Mmmmmm, perhaps Tuesday is my least favourite day of the week.
Wednesday – Wednesdays are my Fridays, as in the last working day of the week. Don’t think that needs more explanation.
Thursday – Because I get to spend the whole day with Elisabeth, and as we mostly do our chores on Friday (well, try to anyway), this is a day for fun.
Friday – Even though my working week ends on Wednesday, Friday is still the start of the weekend, so woohoo!
Saturday – weekend, no explanation required.
Sunday – not only a weekend day, but as I work on Mondays and my husband doesn’t, if Elisabeth wakes up in the night, it’s his job to get up. I do the rest of the week (although he does help out when he can) and we share weekends.

Thinking about it, perhaps I should have just come up with a different title 🙂 Anyway, what’s your favourite day, or least favourite day of the week?

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