Sleep update

There are some good things happening on the sleep front. After a month of having to get Elisabeth up almost every night at different times, for a week now we have been able to go back to our sleep training routine where we go into her room when she cries and stay with her until she falls back asleep, but without picking her up. Not only is this much better for Elisabeth, as it will help her get back to get back to falling asleep on her own when she wakes up in the middle of the night, it is also a lot easier for us. Because when we go into her room we take a duvet with us…….and have a little nap on the floor 🙂 well I do anyway. I don’t think my husband manages to fall asleep on the floor, but I often wake up an hour or more after going in with Elisabeth fast asleep in her cot. Once I woke up to daylight entering her room whilst it was definitely dark when I came in. All in all we are a lot more rested. Although this will probably be the end of it again because every time I tell someone it is going well it goes wrong again.

This morning when she went for her nap we had another breakthrough, well, my mother in law did because I was at work. Just after she had gone to bed, my mother in law thought she heard her say poo. She was a bit worried about what Elisabeth was up to and rightly so. The little monkey had indeed done a poo and decided to try and change her own nappy! By the time my mother in law got upstairs she had taken her clothes off and undone her nappy on one side. Needless to say, she and her bed needed to be changed. So a lot of stuff happening, the good thing was though, that after all that, my mother in law put her back in bed……….and she actually went to sleep!

This is quite a big step for Elisabeth as up to now once she was awake and out of her bed, there was now way she would just go back to sleep. We are feeling quite positive about this and hopefully this will be the start of some longer periods of sleeping through. But I do realise this is not the first post that I have ended with such a statement……we live in hope.

4 thoughts on “Sleep update

  1. “This could be the start of something good’ to coin the words of a song….You’ll still have some times when there are problems but I think it’s been good not picking her up when she cries during the night …here’s hoping with you..Diane

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