To Kindle or not……

I love books, I love reading, I love owning and buying books. I love standing in front of my bookcase and thinking hmmmm, what shall I read next. Shall I pick one that I have never read before or re-read a favourite, should it be easy reading or a bit more intellectual, English or Dutch, fiction or non-fiction, so many choices. In life I hate choosing, but when it comes to books I love it.

I have several bookcases at home and some books move from one to another. This is because I have a favourites bookcase. The one in the living room has all my favourite books in, but when I acquire a new book and really enjoy it, a current favourite might have to move to make room. Within the favourites bookcase I even have favourite shelves, they are basically the ones I have the best view of from the sofa, and that’s where the favourites of all favourites live. The ones like: Love in the times of cholera, The shadow of the wind, Simon, Memoirs of a Geisha, The time travellers wife, I could go on.

Anyway, my point is that I really like books. So when e-readers were starting to become really popular I was confused; why would anyone want one? I could obviously see that it is practical for commuters and on holidays, but still, surely you would rather have actual books? So it was clear to me from the start; I didn’t want one. I asked my husband (who doesn’t like reading and therefore probably doesn’t get my obsession with books) to please never buy me a Kindle.

Fast forward to the following Christmas…… My husband, who is the most wonderful person in the world but also most likely the worst listener, bought me a Kindle! When he gave me the present he said he was a bit nervous about it because he wasn’t sure whether I wanted one. Ha ha, I guess some of the comment ‘I don’t want one’ must have gotten through :-). I immediately knew what it was and I had about 10 seconds (whilst I opened the present) to decide how to react when I “found out what it was”. I obviously didn’t want to be ungrateful, but I had specifically asked him not to buy me one. By the time I opened it I was actually quite interested to find out how it worked, what it would look like and what it would be like to read a book on it, so actually, even though I still didn’t want one, I was pleased to be able to satisfy my curiosity. I could always sell it it if I really didn’t like it.

Fast forward to the day after Boxing Day….. My husband looks at me and says: “For someone who didn’t want a Kindle (so he had been paying attention!) you’ve used it an awful lot so far.” He was right, By that evening, I had only owned it for about 60 hours, I had finished the first book and had built up quite a library of interesting and free books. Free books! That was something I hadn’t counted on. I knew you could get some of the classics for free, but I was not aware of the enormous amount of free and/or cheap books that were out there just waiting for me to download. And I loved it!

But don’t worry, I will never ever give up on actual books. If I really want a book or if one of my favourite authors has a new book out, or just when I fancy, I will go into a bookshop and buy actual books. But I also love my Kindle because without it there would be a lot of books that I would never have read. So I would like to thank my husband for completely ignoring my request, thinking he knew better and being right. You rock!

10 thoughts on “To Kindle or not……

  1. glad you are enjoying your new kindle. I rarely buy books at this point (don’t own a kindle). I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to accumulate alot of stuff. I am a big library person.

  2. Haha I was the same, and I can’t put my kindle down now either! Like you say, you end up buying books that you might not normally have picked up plus you can buy a book any time of day or night! I love that I can just buy one when I want and not have to wait till I can get to a shop. Like you, I have my favourites on a shelf and the author gets the royalities either way. I think Kindles are making people read more which can only be a good thing :O) xxxx I saw men on holiday reading this year, probably cause is was on a “gadget” they gave it a go lol x

  3. Neal bought me a kindle as an early birthday present, I didn’t want one either, but now I love it! The only downside is that it seems much harder to choose a book to read by browsing the kindle shop than looking on the shelves in a bookstore! I still look in the shops and text myself with titles I think look good!!!

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