So I started this post the other day to share the wonderful news that our conservatory is finally finished, or in Elisabeth’s words – Done! We finished the floor last weekend and it has been really great this week. Because we have a house where the kitchen is on the ground floor and the living room is on the first floor (seemed like a great idea before Elisabeth came round) things are tricky with a toddler, keeping her entertained whilst putting the shopping away, cooking dinner and just general clearing up was getting more and more challenging. But now with the conservatory ready for playing in, everything has become so much easier, Elisabeth loves it in there. We have only put her toys in there (and stuff that she can’t reach yet) so it is baby proof, which means that she can play in it whilst I’m in the kitchen, it has already made such a difference.

However, yesterday it started leaking AGAIN! This is the third time now and we are not best pleased. I can’t remember whether I posted about this before but when Incompetence & Co came to fix it first time around, the manager who came along told me that he was expecting problems because – be ready, ridiculous comment coming – it was an outside wall! As far as I know every conservatory is built on an outside wall, if it wasn’t it would be a greenhouse surely! Anyway, they said they fixed it first time, and the second time, so when it started leaking yesterday I was not happy. So I have had to cancel my plans for this afternoon and sit and wait for Incompetence & Co to turn up and “fix” it again.

The most disappointing thing is that we went with a big reputable company who specialise in conservatories rather than a local builder, and we are seriously disappointed with the overall finish, apart from the fact of course that it is not water tight. Anyway, enough moaning, I’m sure it will be sorted eventually so we can really enjoy the space without the need for an umbrella. When it is and when the sofa is delivered I will post some pictures.

Have you ever had building work or other work done to your house that went wrong? Or were you disappointed with the workmanship?

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