Bye baby……

It has been over a week since I last posted, which is an unusually long time for me to go without sharing what is happening in my life. We have had a bit of a tough few weeks and I have not been able to decide whether to share the not so pleasant time we have had because sharing with the world makes things more true. On the other hand writing about stuff is hugely therapeutic and sometimes just telling someone makes it easier to deal with. So here goes….

A few weeks ago we found out we were expecting our second baby. Both me and my husband have always wanted 2 kids so we were over the moon. But even though I did 2 tests it just didn’t feel real. Four days later I started bleeding and even though this apparently pretty common, I knew immediately that something was wrong. After a couple of blood tests and a pretty stressful week of waiting, the news was as I expected, we had lost the baby.

Even though I knew that something was wrong I still hoped for good news, and hearing that I was no longer pregnant was heartbreaking. I know it is common, I know it was very early in the pregnancy, I know the chances are that next time all will be fine, but does that help? Not really.

The few people I told were really supportive and I am grateful for that, but it might take a little while to sort my head out. In the mean time I will try and enjoy some beers, unlimited caffeinated drinks, runny eggs and other stuff I have had to avoid over the last few weeks.

All in all, I know these things happen because nature thinks it is for the best, so I’ll quietly say ‘bye baby’ and hope for the best next time around.


Who needs toy shops….

After a not so good week and an even worse night sleep Elisabeth and I needed something to cheer us up but didn’t involve doing anything too energetic (she kept us up all night as she has a nasty cold), and what is more fun than a new toy?!? But going to a toy shop was just too much like hard work.

Because Elisabeth loves posting letters and I had some old cardboard boxes lying around, we decided to make a post box for her. So, armed with scissors and sticky tape we went in our study. Only 15 minutes later we came out with this:

How cool is that?

We folded some coloured paper into postcard size and Elisabeth had lots of fun for ages:




So simple, so cheap but so much fun!

1 – 0 for mummy and daddy!

A couple of weeks ago we had our first “battle” with Elisabeth. It was quite funny because it was really obvious that she understood exactly what we wanted her to do and she tried everything she could to get away with not doing it.

We were putting away her toys, she took on out of the box and threw it on the floor. We asked her to put it back and she went from completing ignoring the request and trying to play with other toys, whic we took off her, to cuddling my husban whilst saying (in her sweetest little voice) dadda dadda dadda! When that didn’t work she tried the same with mama. That wasn’t a success either. A little annoyed she tried to throw the toy in the direction of the box, but not quite in it, hoping that I would pick it up and do it for her. I did pick it up, but only to give it back to her and ask her to try again. After 3 more goes she gave up and put the toy back in the box.

Elisabeth – 0
Mummy and Daddy – 1

I thought it was so funny to see what she came up with and how far she would try to push it. I know they are going to get a lot harder and I know that we won’t always be strong enough to stick to our guns, but I think not giving in this time will set the standard for future battles. Bring it on baby, I’m ready! 🙂

Fisher price, what did you have?

One of the first things we did when we finished the conservatory was go into the loft (I say we, I mean my husband, going into the loft is a very manly job which I should not attempt, it is not safe up there :-)) and get down some of Gareth’s old toys for Elisabeth. The main one being the fisher price garage!


My sister and I had the exact same one when we were little so I was really excited to let Elisabeth play with it and she loves it! My husband and I had a very similar upbringing and even though we grew up in two different countries we both have fond memories of this very same toy.


Even though my sister and I weren’t spoiled with mountains of toys, we were lucky enough to have a lot of fisher price toys. In addition to the garage we had a school bus, some sort of sesame street fun house with a slide and my personal favourite the hospital. All of these are still at my mum’s place where my nephew plays with them for hours on end.

Whilst I was cleaning the garage for Elisabeth I said to my husband: ‘they just don’t make quality toys like this anymore’ and even though it made me feel really old, it is true. What toys that you buy nowadays will stand the test of time as well as the fisher price toys from the 80’s?

Luckily there are still lots of them around, and I am pretty sure that when Elisabeth has a child of her own, grandad will go into the loft and dig out the fisher price garage!

What fisher price toys did you have? And do you still have them?

Can I have a bit of a moan please?

There are not that many things that annoy me in life, actually that is a big fat lie, there are a lot of things in life that annoy me but I promise I won’t tell you about all of them. One thing I would like to get of my chest though.

Most companies nowadays offer you the option to contact them by email, I think this is great for several reasons. First of all you’re not limited by opening hours, which means that I can contact them when my little girl is in bed and there isa smaller chance of me forgetting as I can do it as and when I remember. And I don’t really like phoning companies, press 1 for this, 2 for this, 3 if you want to wait for hours, it’s just a bit annoying. And if you’re really unlucky you get the company idiot, who is not only rude but also doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing. So all in all I am pretty happy that I can just send a quick email.

So far so good, the problem is the response. My bank is the worst, even if I ask them a really simple yes or no question, they always reply with something along the lines of: “Please contact a representative on the following phone number.” I find this really irritating as not only have I wasted time writing an email, they wasted time replying but I also still have to phone them. If I wanted to speak to them…….I would have phoned them in the first place!

Recently I informed my mobile phone company of my change of name as I got married, bit late after 7 years of marriage I know, I did this via email and asked them to confirm by email they had actioned my request. What do they do? They phone me on my mobile, I didn’t answer, so you’d think they’d leave a message to say they’ve done it, but no! They then phone me on my landline to make 100% sure they tell me they actioned my request when all I asked for was a quick email reply. Honestly people, how hard can it be?

What annoys you when you try to contact companies with questions?