Bye baby……

It has been over a week since I last posted, which is an unusually long time for me to go without sharing what is happening in my life. We have had a bit of a tough few weeks and I have not been able to decide whether to share the not so pleasant time we […]

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Who needs toy shops….

After a not so good week and an even worse night sleep Elisabeth and I needed something to cheer us up but didn’t involve doing anything too energetic (she kept us up all night as she has a nasty cold), and what is more fun than a new toy?!? But going to a toy shop […]

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1 – 0 for mummy and daddy!

A couple of weeks ago we had our first “battle” with Elisabeth. It was quite funny because it was really obvious that she understood exactly what we wanted her to do and she tried everything she could to get away with not doing it. We were putting away her toys, she took on out of […]

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