Can I have a bit of a moan please?

There are not that many things that annoy me in life, actually that is a big fat lie, there are a lot of things in life that annoy me but I promise I won’t tell you about all of them. One thing I would like to get of my chest though.

Most companies nowadays offer you the option to contact them by email, I think this is great for several reasons. First of all you’re not limited by opening hours, which means that I can contact them when my little girl is in bed and there isa smaller chance of me forgetting as I can do it as and when I remember. And I don’t really like phoning companies, press 1 for this, 2 for this, 3 if you want to wait for hours, it’s just a bit annoying. And if you’re really unlucky you get the company idiot, who is not only rude but also doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing. So all in all I am pretty happy that I can just send a quick email.

So far so good, the problem is the response. My bank is the worst, even if I ask them a really simple yes or no question, they always reply with something along the lines of: “Please contact a representative on the following phone number.” I find this really irritating as not only have I wasted time writing an email, they wasted time replying but I also still have to phone them. If I wanted to speak to them…….I would have phoned them in the first place!

Recently I informed my mobile phone company of my change of name as I got married, bit late after 7 years of marriage I know, I did this via email and asked them to confirm by email they had actioned my request. What do they do? They phone me on my mobile, I didn’t answer, so you’d think they’d leave a message to say they’ve done it, but no! They then phone me on my landline to make 100% sure they tell me they actioned my request when all I asked for was a quick email reply. Honestly people, how hard can it be?

What annoys you when you try to contact companies with questions?

6 thoughts on “Can I have a bit of a moan please?

  1. Good rants are always good. Do you need a new bank?
    I do get annoyed sometimes when they seem to move so slowly on those lines. I also find it funny when I hear my wife calling and I can hear her screaming agent. Funny to hear – frustrating to do.

    1. I do like a good rant! My bank is useless but the mortgage we have with them is too good to change. It’s definitely frustrating phoning companies, which is why I try to avoid it. And you’re a meanie for finding it funny 😉

  2. What really frustrates me is when the person on the other side is incompetent or hasn’t been trained adequately so time gets wasted in the call and the problem is still not solved. My experience is varied though – some organisations are pretty good, some are terrible.

  3. Oh boy…can of worms….My recent emails back and forth to WP..first they want you to check their forums..then post the problem and hope a volunteer tech picks up on it…and then they do…and ask you to do things …which you email back and say it’s the 3rd time you’ve done it and then they still say they haven’t got it and then tell you it’s not WP problem and so you check with your email provider ‘Thunderbird’ and go through similar issues with them and they don’t answer you either…There is no follow-up ‘complaint’ special email place to voice your concern…okay….I’ll close the can of worms….at least on your comment….sorry….Diane

    email proicde

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