Fisher price, what did you have?

One of the first things we did when we finished the conservatory was go into the loft (I say we, I mean my husband, going into the loft is a very manly job which I should not attempt, it is not safe up there :-)) and get down some of Gareth’s old toys for Elisabeth. The main one being the fisher price garage!


My sister and I had the exact same one when we were little so I was really excited to let Elisabeth play with it and she loves it! My husband and I had a very similar upbringing and even though we grew up in two different countries we both have fond memories of this very same toy.


Even though my sister and I weren’t spoiled with mountains of toys, we were lucky enough to have a lot of fisher price toys. In addition to the garage we had a school bus, some sort of sesame street fun house with a slide and my personal favourite the hospital. All of these are still at my mum’s place where my nephew plays with them for hours on end.

Whilst I was cleaning the garage for Elisabeth I said to my husband: ‘they just don’t make quality toys like this anymore’ and even though it made me feel really old, it is true. What toys that you buy nowadays will stand the test of time as well as the fisher price toys from the 80’s?

Luckily there are still lots of them around, and I am pretty sure that when Elisabeth has a child of her own, grandad will go into the loft and dig out the fisher price garage!

What fisher price toys did you have? And do you still have them?

12 thoughts on “Fisher price, what did you have?

  1. Our kids all had fisher price toys and I saved them for years after…and then one move when the kids were still teens I decided to have a garage sale and practically gave these away….and wouldn’t you know it one of my sons who was 19 met a young woman of the same age who had a 2 yr old child and they became serious and then engaged and married eventually…but my FP was gone now….oh well!! …Diane

    was gone

  2. I grew up on fisher price too. Our favorites were ‘Litte People’… and the older version of them. They have a newer version of them out and they’re just not like the originals. We had the barn set (we’re from VT what do you expect?!) with animals and fences and little people… awe wish we still had them for Avery to play with!

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