1 – 0 for mummy and daddy!

A couple of weeks ago we had our first “battle” with Elisabeth. It was quite funny because it was really obvious that she understood exactly what we wanted her to do and she tried everything she could to get away with not doing it.

We were putting away her toys, she took on out of the box and threw it on the floor. We asked her to put it back and she went from completing ignoring the request and trying to play with other toys, whic we took off her, to cuddling my husban whilst saying (in her sweetest little voice) dadda dadda dadda! When that didn’t work she tried the same with mama. That wasn’t a success either. A little annoyed she tried to throw the toy in the direction of the box, but not quite in it, hoping that I would pick it up and do it for her. I did pick it up, but only to give it back to her and ask her to try again. After 3 more goes she gave up and put the toy back in the box.

Elisabeth – 0
Mummy and Daddy – 1

I thought it was so funny to see what she came up with and how far she would try to push it. I know they are going to get a lot harder and I know that we won’t always be strong enough to stick to our guns, but I think not giving in this time will set the standard for future battles. Bring it on baby, I’m ready! πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “1 – 0 for mummy and daddy!

    1. Thanks! They are, it’s great to see what she tries, and it does melt my heart….but no enough to give up, think I’m just that little bit more stubborn than she is πŸ™‚

  1. Haha… kids are so darn smart! How old is she now? Avery can now toss a big ball back and forth with us…which makes me scared because if he knows how to throw a ball… it won’t be long before he throws toys during a tantrum!

    1. They certainly are! She is nearly 19 months now, and growing up real quick! She is learning new words every day and seems to grow inches over night. Ha ha, hopefully Avery will stick to throwing balls πŸ™‚

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