Who needs toy shops….

After a not so good week and an even worse night sleep Elisabeth and I needed something to cheer us up but didn’t involve doing anything too energetic (she kept us up all night as she has a nasty cold), and what is more fun than a new toy?!? But going to a toy shop was just too much like hard work.

Because Elisabeth loves posting letters and I had some old cardboard boxes lying around, we decided to make a post box for her. So, armed with scissors and sticky tape we went in our study. Only 15 minutes later we came out with this:

How cool is that?

We folded some coloured paper into postcard size and Elisabeth had lots of fun for ages:




So simple, so cheap but so much fun!

10 thoughts on “Who needs toy shops….

    1. Thanks, I am quite pleased with it šŸ™‚

  1. That’s what a lot of toys used to be like..cardboard boxes from fridges and stoves…with holes in them for windows…and the blankets over a couple of chairs to climb under and pretend you’re in a little house..etc….You’ve definitely got the right idea….Diane

    1. Thanks. I remember quite a few blankets over chairs and cardboard boxes featuring my childhood šŸ™‚

  2. Good for you – creative and reasonable. I’m glad it was such a big hit.

  3. Love it! And the little bunches are so cute! My mum used to get an old wooden clothes horse, all the blankets and sheets and make a tent out of it all… me and my brother would have tons of fun in there! And sometimes, when we were really little, we’d sit in a washing up bowl of water with a little fairy liquid in it, in the garden, and make bubbles for ages! You can have fun without spending money – just a bit of imagination – good work Elske and Elisabeth!!! xx

    1. Thanks! My mum was the same, somehow she made a bowl a water with some tupperware the best toy in the world šŸ™‚

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