Who needs toy shops….

After a not so good week and an even worse night sleep Elisabeth and I needed something to cheer us up but didn’t involve doing anything too energetic (she kept us up all night as she has a nasty cold), and what is more fun than a new toy?!? But going to a toy shop was just too much like hard work.

Because Elisabeth loves posting letters and I had some old cardboard boxes lying around, we decided to make a post box for her. So, armed with scissors and sticky tape we went in our study. Only 15 minutes later we came out with this:

How cool is that?

We folded some coloured paper into postcard size and Elisabeth had lots of fun for ages:




So simple, so cheap but so much fun!

10 thoughts on “Who needs toy shops….

  1. That’s what a lot of toys used to be like..cardboard boxes from fridges and stoves…with holes in them for windows…and the blankets over a couple of chairs to climb under and pretend you’re in a little house..etc….You’ve definitely got the right idea….Diane

  2. Love it! And the little bunches are so cute! My mum used to get an old wooden clothes horse, all the blankets and sheets and make a tent out of it all… me and my brother would have tons of fun in there! And sometimes, when we were really little, we’d sit in a washing up bowl of water with a little fairy liquid in it, in the garden, and make bubbles for ages! You can have fun without spending money – just a bit of imagination – good work Elske and Elisabeth!!! xx

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