Going forwards walking backwards….

One thing I really love about being a parent is seeing my child learn all sorts of stuff. Sometimes they do it right first time but sometimes they don’t and they have to try again.

Elisabeth likes walking on the white line between the foot and cycle path that runs around the green out the front of our house. The other day she was doing this again and I decided to join her. To be able to see her I walked on the line backwards. Elisabeth was immediately interested and wanted to try this as well. So she turned around and started walking….forwards…..walking away from me. She stopped, turned around and looked ever so confused. I smiled at her but inside I was laughing out loud (if that is possible). Clearly walking backwards wasn’t something she was able to do yet.

A couple of days later we did the same thing, I walked backwards, she turned around…..stood still for a second…….almost put her foot forward……pulled it back……and walked backwards! Result!

It amazes me every time she learns something without me actually helping her, I love it!

Sometimes it is not so great though….when you say a word once and you think surely she won’t repeat after hearing it just once……..or remember……and she does…….. Every time I get dressed, Elisabeth points and says “boobies”……..great…….

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