Never again….

Never again will I post about how well Elisabeth is sleeping! Never again! I might even go as far as considering never to even mention the word sleep again, ever! Well, until next time anyway.

Yes, you guessed right, after my “she is sleeping so well” post, Elisabeth had me up again half the night. This happens pretty much every time I blog about some positive sleep news. It wasn’t terrible as I got at least 5 hours sleep, although not in one go which is often the problem. But rather than moan about it I thought I would share some tips on how I deal with the day after the night that you thought would never end.

Don’t expect to get anything done. Seriously, your main aim is to get through the day, instead feel proud for whatever you do manage to achieve.

Don’t think too much about the why. If you can’t figure out in a few minutes why your child was awake then you probably never will. As long as they are healthy try to forget about the night and enjoy the day as much as you can.

If you’re at work, try and have your lunch somewhere quiet, if possible somewhere you can sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes, the day will be much easier if you’re relaxed.

If you’re at home, do something fun! During periods of sleep deprivation it is tempting to sit on the sofa as much as possible but this will only make things worse. The day will seem endless and sitting down will make you feel more tired. Do something fun instead, go to the zoo, the park, the playground or anything else that is outdoors. The day will fly by, being outside will make you feel loads better and you’ll probably have lots of fun instead.

Try to be nice to your partner, this is a tricky one, most people’s mood will probably suffer quite badly from lack of sleep and it is easy to take it out on the people closest to you. Make an effort not to though, remember that even though it might have been you getting up, chances are they won’t have had the best night sleep either.

Don’t forget to eat and drink, you’ll need the energy.

And last but not least don’t forget that first of all you are not alone and secondly it won’t last forever, you will sleep again!

Happy sleeping everyone.

11 thoughts on “Never again….

      1. The ‘actual’ move doesn’t happen till Oct 24th but we had to go and sign papers and buy some things..We still have packing to do but we still have 10 days so hopefully all will be ready by that time..thanks Diane

  1. Brilliant blog Elske!! Cameron didn’t properly sleep through the night until he started school – and don’t mention the going to bed routine. That took hours!

    He’s 13 now. Goes to bed when he’s told, sleeps through the night and would probably sleep until lunchtime if we let him! Always wakes up in a good mood. We cracked it eventually!

  2. My little one has been a terrible sleeper until recently, and she is 23 months! I feel your pain! We found her problem was actually food allergies. Hope things even out for you!

  3. I’ve been looking forward to, and dreading, posting about Avery’s sleeping lately. He slept thru the night for two weeks straight! Then this past weekend he started NOT. I’m sure had I posted about his awesome sleeping and my amazing surge of energy for sleeping 8 hours straight, he still would have switched things up on me again. Love your positive attitude and tips about it. One awesome tip I read once was that if you take a shower, it’s like getting 2 hours of sleep – or so it makes you feel like it does! I wish I knew that when I was on maternity leave, instead of just sitting my butt on the couch….

    1. Wow that is great news, well done Avery! It will probably be a while before he’ll consistently sleep through but I find that as long as you have a few good nights in a row things are just so much easier. Hope he keeps it up. The shower thing is interesting, definately could have done with that during mat leave!

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