Another wonderful first…..

When we looked to buy our next house, this was 5 or 6 years ago – just before the economy crashed, we looked for space and lots of it. We knew we wanted to start a family soon and as we have always wanted 2 kids, and we were seriously bored of moving, we wanted a house that we could live in forever, if we wanted to.

To our surprise, one of the houses around the corner from us, which I had always liked the look of but never thought we could afford, had come up for sale…….within our budget! So we went to have a look and fell in love with it immediately. It is a three storey town house overlooking a large green (which used to be the old airport) with big rooms, lots of light and high ceilings. We phoned the estate agent that same day and bought it.

It is a great house with so much space that for the first 3 years we had a room which was completely empty, so we thought we were delighted with our purchase. Until Elisabeth was born.

The space was obviously great, being able to store a buggy in the hallway without constantly tripping over it is excellent, however having to walk downstairs with a baby every time you want a drink or something to eat, which if you’re breastfeeding is about every 5 minutes, isn’t so much fun. All of a sudden this wonderful house had lost a lot of it’s charm.

We knew it would only be difficult for a few years but it really got us thinking about what we wanted from a house. In a way the credit crunch saved us from making a big mistake, basically we couldn’t afford to move unless we bought a much smaller house, and even then would our mortgage be more each month. So we stayed put.

As soon as Elisabeth started walking we were pleased we did, it was still difficult managing all these stairs, but the big green out the front was proving a real bonus, she loves running around on it. Then in April we decided to have a conservatory built to give us some living space downstairs. This has proven to be an excellent decision as it has made things a hundred times easier. It is also a great space, and we finally have the little sofa delivered it will be a great place to relax with a morning coffee.

Then yesterday came a big change, Elisabeth was playing in the living room with her building blocks and for the first time I left her playing and I went downstairs to make a cup of tea! When I came back up she was none the wiser and she had no idea why I had such a huge smile on my face. If you live in a house with the living room and the kitchen on the same floor, you might not realise what a big deal this is……but believe me it is. Even though is means that my little girl is growing up, and I’d rather she wouldn’t, it does mean that our lives have just become a lot easier and that I keep being more and more proud of this wonderful little girl who just keeps getting bigger and bigger 🙂

12 thoughts on “Another wonderful first…..

    1. I don’t think I ever thought I would get excited by the simple pleasure of making a cup of tea without a baby on my hip, it’s a strange world this parenthood. 🙂

  1. Oh, it is so nice when you can just leave them for a while… my in-laws recently took my two daughters overnight, and hubby and I went out alone, that was amazing! But yes, I remember very well things like the first time each girl slept in her own bedroom, and being able to drink a cup of tea alone… 🙂

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