Come on, smile if you have the energy……

There are days when I feel like I haven’t spent any time with my husband for weeks, and we never get to do anything fun as a family.

There are days when work is so frustrating that I don’t know why I bother.

There are days when the fog of sleep deprivation is so heavy that even a smile seems too much effort.

There are days when I miss my family so much I can’t stand to live in England any longer.

There are days when, again, I didn’t get a chance to write.

There are days when the house is so dirty I worry it might start leading a life of it’s own.

There are days when everything seems to go wrong.

And then there are days when…..all of the above.

But then, on one of those days where you just can’t see anything positive, you turn away from the sink full of dirty dishes and you see your husband feeding your child and both of them laugh. And all of a sudden your horrible day turns into what you have always wanted.

11 thoughts on “Come on, smile if you have the energy……

  1. I love the line: there are days the house is so dirty I think it has a life of its own (okay I paraphrased here)—I know–but it is those lovely little things that makes everything perfect
    sometimes when all of my family is in the living room, talking and reading and just chilling–those are the days I want to bottle, and sometimes I pinch myself–because I am in heaven

  2. ugh…sounds very much like how I feel most of the time. The other day I was butter fingers.. dropped food on the floor, spilt this, ran into that… it was so frusterating because I just didn’t need more reasons to get me down.. but then when we settle down together to read books at the end of the night and Avery is calm, and Vinay makes silly animal noises to the books, I can’t help but smile and think…it’s not THAT bad 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing this. Sometimes on the days like that we do forget what this was all for to begin with. 🙂

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