Toffee mama?

Don’t worry I haven’t been feeding Elisabeth toffee, she just can’t make the K sound yet so she replaces it with a T, and sometimes an N. So when her teddy Pumpkin gets kisses she says Pumpnin tisses, very cute.

Today was a difficult day, Elisabeth was tired and tearful and only wanted cuddles. And due to a badly timed poo (sorry) she didn’t have a nap. When she is in this kind of mood she is quite hard work and I often get quite tired at about 4 in the afternoon.

After reading a million books (well, probably not a million, but quite a lot) I convinced her to play in the conservatory for a bit whilst I try to do the washing up and cook dinner. From the kitchen window I could see her playing with her little cooker. A little while later she comes into the kitchen, grabs my hand, says: Mama, toffee, she leads me to the sofa in the conservatory and tells me to sit, she walks over to her cooker, picks up a pretend cup, gives it to me and says again: Mama, toffee. That was my first pretend coffee made specially for me. And damn was it good!

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