Toffee mama?

Don’t worry I haven’t been feeding Elisabeth toffee, she just can’t make the K sound yet so she replaces it with a T, and sometimes an N. So when her teddy Pumpkin gets kisses she says Pumpnin tisses, very cute.

Today was a difficult day, Elisabeth was tired and tearful and only wanted cuddles. And due to a badly timed poo (sorry) she didn’t have a nap. When she is in this kind of mood she is quite hard work and I often get quite tired at about 4 in the afternoon.

After reading a million books (well, probably not a million, but quite a lot) I convinced her to play in the conservatory for a bit whilst I try to do the washing up and cook dinner. From the kitchen window I could see her playing with her little cooker. A little while later she comes into the kitchen, grabs my hand, says: Mama, toffee, she leads me to the sofa in the conservatory and tells me to sit, she walks over to her cooker, picks up a pretend cup, gives it to me and says again: Mama, toffee. That was my first pretend coffee made specially for me. And damn was it good!

15 thoughts on “Toffee mama?

  1. Sweet. I hope she provided cake as well – what kind of show is she running?

    1. No cake I’m afraid, just coffee. Although she did cook me some dinner πŸ™‚

  2. How adorable…enough so as to melt your heart…Diane

  3. She is just so cute!!!

  4. Awe that is so sweet! Next you’ll have to teach her to ask for cream or sugar!

  5. Aw, so cute!! What a little sweetie you have:)

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