Things that always make me smile….without fail

My creative juices haven’t been flowing much lately, I’ve had plenty of ideas but not the drive to actually put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard. A couple of weeks ago I sent my first ever article to a magazine editor, which is very exciting, but ever since then I have not written anything worth mentioning, I have even struggled to write posts for this blog. Anyway, as I am too busy to worry about this, I have decided to patiently wait for the desire to write to return, I know it will, it always does. Until then, it thought I would share some things that always make me smile:

When Elisabeth’s little face lights up when I walk into her room first thing in the morning.

When I watch my husband play with Elisabeth, I have always known he would be a great dad, but he has even exceeded my very high expectations.

When Elisabeth fake laughs at one of her own jokes.

When Elisabeth points to the “footpath” sign and says that the two people on there are mummy and Isabeth (she hasn’t quite managed her whole name yet so it is isabeth for now)

When Elisabeth shouts “Wow!” when she sees what I have made her for dinner, I know she only does it because my husband says it and it doesn’t mean she will actually like it, but it’s still nice.

When Elisabeth blows kisses to pretty much anyone she says goodbye to, whether this is the cashier at the supermarket, the postman or just random strangers.

When Elisabeth applauds me and shouts “well done” for doing a wee on the toilet – I mean I have been able to do this for quite a few years now but it is still nice to get some praise πŸ™‚

When I wake up in the morning and realise I have slept for 7 or 8 hours!

And this:


12 thoughts on “Things that always make me smile….without fail

  1. Awe those are so sweet. She laughs at her own jokes? Hilarious! And I love that she blows kisses… Avery kinda does… he sucks the back of his hand and throws it out like blowing a kiss.

    Good luck with your submission πŸ™‚

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