It’s oh so quiet…..

It’s oh so still. Elisabeth has spent the last two (yes, two!) nights at my mother and father in law and the house has been much too quiet! I have enjoyed having some time to myself, especially my two lazy mornings with book/ipad and lots of cups of tea, and spending some much needed time […]

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What’s this mummy?

It has started. A bit earlier than I was expecting. I thought I wouldn’t be doing this until Elisabeth was at least two and a half………apparently not. It started today…….. I’m talking about the questions that just keep coming. Elisabeth spent pretty much all day pointing at objects asking: “What’s this mummy?” even though she […]

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Going out.

This evening I am going out for a drink for the first time in absolutely ages! Apart from my school reunion in October, I think this is actually the first time I am going to the pub, in the evening, with all intention of having a beer or two, since I fell pregnant two and […]

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Good day!

On Tuesday it was debatable whether I had a good or a bad day, but today was without a doubt a good day. Busy, but good. It was the first day of my Christmas holiday and my husband’s second, so our day started with a cup of tea in bed with the three of us […]

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Bad day or good day?

Last night our new neighbour – or the idiot next door as I now like to call him, no, don’t worry it’s totally fair to call him that, keep reading and I’ll prove it to you – decided to have a little Monday night party…..until 3.30am! The (please insert any swear word you like) idiot […]

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We’re going potty!

Elisabeth is now nearly 22 months old, I know doesn’t time fly, and for the last 3 or 4 months she has really taken to doing the odd wee on the potty or on the toilet even. So even though we know she is still a bit young, we thought we would give potty training […]

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