Pwetty Ights!

This year will be Elisabeth’s second Christmas and so far she is loving every minute of it. Last year she helped my husband decorate the tree, and mainly enjoyed the wrapping paper. She was happiest when she got a present with really thick wrapping paper that could be scrunged (is that even a word?) a big ball 🙂

This year she is extremely excited, not by presents, turkey or chocolate (only because she doesn’t know what it is yet) but by all the pretty lights, or pwetty ights as she says it.

Every day at 4pm the coloured lights come on in our garden and as soon as they do we hear a loud series of WOW’s from our toddler, she loves them. We have just got back from an hour long walk looking for the prettiest lights, luckily there were lots of them.

I wonder what her Christmas highlight will be next year…..

7 thoughts on “Pwetty Ights!

  1. I hope it is a wonderful holiday for her and the whole family.

    1. Thanks, hope you and your family also enjoy some good old family time.

  2. I used to love looking at my children when they were small with the look they had on their face …looking at the Christmas tree lights…Diane

    1. I’m savouring these moments where Christmas isn’t about presents yet.

  3. yes, scrunched is totally a word! Avery loves playing with wrapping tissue paper… he pats it and laughs…. kids. haha, 🙂

    1. They’re funny creatures aren’t they 🙂

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