We’re going potty!

Elisabeth is now nearly 22 months old, I know doesn’t time fly, and for the last 3 or 4 months she has really taken to doing the odd wee on the potty or on the toilet even. So even though we know she is still a bit young, we thought we would give potty training a go over the Christmas period. Me and my husband both have a bit of time off and we thought: what’s the worst that can happen? We have already had poo and wee on the carpet so surely a bit more won’t hurt 🙂

There will be a potty on every floor of the house and I have today got her some extra trousers, I’m sure we’ll need them, and lots of pretty pants 🙂

I haven’t made my mind up yet whether we should start wit the nappy pants, or go straight for no nappy at all.

I’m sure it won’t be an easy process, but if we can make her sleep, this will be a breeze. Ha ha, I don’t really think that, I’m sure it will be a challenge but we’re ready for it. I’ll keep you up to date 🙂

Please share any tips you have on potty training, we’ll need them!

8 thoughts on “We’re going potty!

  1. It has been my experience that training a girl is easy. Boys are tough ones. My daughter trained herself after I showed her the potty I had set up in the living room and gave her a brief explanation of how it would feel if she peed without her diaper on. She had one accident and that was the end of diapers for her. My son on the other hand. He’s almost three and the preschool can get him go in the potty, but mommy and daddy aren’t so lucky 😦

    1. Thanks for that, I have heard it quite a few times that girls are easy, hopefully she’ll take to it as quickly as yours. My sister is having the same problems with her little one, he is three and a half. I’m sure it will happen when he is ready for it.

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