Bad day or good day?

Last night our new neighbour – or the idiot next door as I now like to call him, no, don’t worry it’s totally fair to call him that, keep reading and I’ll prove it to you – decided to have a little Monday night party…..until 3.30am! The (please insert any swear word you like) idiot and his friends were clearly very drunk, which made any attempt to get him to turn his music down a complete waste of time. At about 4am I was finally asleep, only to be woken by our alarm clock less than two hours later!

Luckily Elisabeth slept through it all, bless her, but I was so angry I spent most of the morning thinking about the perfect revenge. I know I won’t act on any of them as I think it is important to at least try to have a good relationship with your neighbours, but I was going to at least knock on his door and tell him he kept us up all night (but even that didn’t work as he wasn’t there when I got home!)

Not the best start of the day. Unfortunately work did not make things better, I was given an urgent job at 9.30 and spent all day to try and get it sorted only to be told at 16.15 that it wasn’t needed in the first place, so I had wasted over 6 hours!

However, even though my day was proper rubbish, the positives still outweighed the rubbishness (good word rubbishness):
1) My husband’s christmas holiday has started.
2) I only have one day left to work this year!
3) It’s Christmas next week.
And to top it off:
4) One of my best friends had such good news to tell me that she was all out of breath and couldn’t get her words out – so awesome to see someone you care about so incredibly happy!

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