Good day!

On Tuesday it was debatable whether I had a good or a bad day, but today was without a doubt a good day. Busy, but good. It was the first day of my Christmas holiday and my husband’s second, so our day started with a cup of tea in bed with the three of us (milky red bush for Elisabeth, normal tea for me and coffee so strong stirring it feels like a workout for my husband). Lovely!

My husband had some chores to do and was crazy enough to risk a trip to the supermarket (I don’t go anywhere near the big supermarkets between 15th and 31st December, too busy, too many idiots!) so he would be out all morning.

When Elisabeth had a full nappy I let her decide whether she wanted a nappy or pants, and of course she wanted to pants. So armed with towels (to mop up accidents), wipes (for dirty accidents) and a stack of clean trousers and pants we went into the conservatory (the floor in there is wipe clean!)

Within 15 minutes Elisabeth had done a wee in her trousers, good thing was though that she came to tell me she had done a wee.

A bit later she did a wee but told me as she was doing it. Again a bit later she looked like she was dong a poo so I quickly took off her pants and trousers and put her on the potty where she did a poo for the first time! By now we had gone through 3 pairs of trousers in about an hour and a half.

Half an hour later my husband came home with the shopping, we were too distracted with trying to fit enough food to feed an orphanage to notice that Elisabeth needed a wee. When we came into the conservatory she had done a wee in her trousers again, but she was sitting on the potty! A tiny bit of progress but not bad for the first day. However we had almost run out of clean trousers so went back to nappies for the rest of the day, try again tomorrow.

Elisabeth had a lovely long nap in the afternoon and I decided against doing chores and instead spent the time on the sofa, with a cup of tea, reading Harry Potter, lovely!

Have you had a good day?

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