Going out.

This evening I am going out for a drink for the first time in absolutely ages! Apart from my school reunion in October, I think this is actually the first time I am going to the pub, in the evening, with all intention of having a beer or two, since I fell pregnant two and a half years ago.

If I am totally honest I have not really felt the need. As many of you know we have not had that much sleep over the last two years, and the thought of being sleep deprived and hungover was enough to put me off.

However, now we are all sleeping again (I’ll wait a little while with my sleep success post as I am not confident enough to risk it yet :-)) and one of my colleagues is having some leaving drinks and my husband has the day off so I knew he would be able to babysit, I thought why not?

My husband went out for some drinks a few weeks ago and like me, he felt the constant need to apologise for going out. Obviously this is silly because neither of us feel that the person going out has anything to apologise for.

So with my husband’s blessing sorted there is only one thing stopping me from going which is the bus that is late. Come on bus, it’s cold and I’m wasting valuable drinking time!

Happy Christmas everybody!

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