My four favourite Christmas presents…..

1. The health of (most of) my family – hope my dad and Andy will feel better soon.
2. Spending Christmas day with my little family.
3. Elisabeth letting me sleep until 7.30am!
4. Watching Elisabeth open her stocking fillers in our bed.

Don’t get me wrong, I received some lovely presents which I am very grateful for, but for me Christmas is mainly about spending time with family and enjoying time without work or other chores.

Elisabeth also had a great Christmas, on Christmas Eve she was given a doll’s house by her nanna and grampy, she loved it so much she only opened a few more presents on Christmas day. On Boxing day she opened a few more, another one today and she still has three left. Maybe tomorrow will be the day she opens the final three.

Elisabeth has really grown up in the last couple of weeks. I have mentioned before that at weekends and in holidays we all have a cup of tea in bed together, when she woke upon Christmas day, the first thing she said was: Mummy make Isabeth tup of tea? So funny.

Her talking is improving so quickly it’s almost scary. She can already count to five and my husband is teaching her to spell her name which she know knows ends in h!

Her playing has changed a lot as well, she can play with one toy for a lot longer and she is really using her imagination now, making up stories and constantly “going shopping”, she walks up and down the hallway with her little pushchair and buys me all sorts of stuff πŸ™‚

In summary, we’re having a great time watching our little girl grow up. If only we could slow it down a little……

12 thoughts on “My four favourite Christmas presents…..

  1. Totally agree with slowing down how fast they grow up. I remember my Mum saying the exact same thing when I told her I was getting engaged, and now I am her exact age that she was when I told her that. Just enjoy it, it’s the best ride πŸ˜‰

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