It’s oh so quiet…..

It’s oh so still.

Elisabeth has spent the last two (yes, two!) nights at my mother and father in law and the house has been much too quiet! I have enjoyed having some time to myself, especially my two lazy mornings with book/ipad and lots of cups of tea, and spending some much needed time with my husband, but I have missed her terribly. Last night I almost jumped in the car to go and pick her up just so I could give her a hug and read her bedtime stories. But I didn’t. Instead I slept snuggling a pair of her pyjamas, I know it’s a bit sad but I wanted to hold her close and she had taken all her teddy bears with her so what was I supposed to do 🙂

On Saturday night we went out for a meal in a local pub, and even though the food was disappointing, the company wasn’t and we had a great time. Yesterday we went shopping for some new clothes for me, after almost two years of wearing practical clothes I felt the need for something pretty. This isn’t as easy as it sounds when you are 6ft tall and you live in a country where the average woman is 8 (yes, 8!) inches shorter than you are. It was a success though, I came away with 3 new tops, which is 3 more than I was expecting. We also picked up some steak for dinner.

In the afternoon I managed to tidy up our office so you can actually get through the door and find the computer, and I sorted out Elisabeth’s wardrobe and packed up all the clothes that don’t fit her anymore. I phoned my sister and my dad whilst my husband cooked our scrummy steak dinner and felt utterly relaxed.

All in all it was a great and much needed weekend of quietness, but I am very restless this morning and can’t wait to go pick her up. It’s much too quiet around here.

9 thoughts on “It’s oh so quiet…..

  1. My boys spent a night at my wfe’s sister the other night. I loved it! They enjoy themselves and I slept till 8. Normally, that is practically unthinkable around these parts. Yes, I enjoyed the quiet for a day.
    Glad the shopping trip was a success.

    1. Isn’t it wonderful to wake up and see that it’s 8? I slept till 8.30 on Sunday morning, I never even did that before Elisabeth was born! Must have needed it. Glad you got a break and the boys enjoyed themselves, Elisabeth had an awesome time too.

  2. Every parent does need that time without their little one(s) around. They can be just people again and not Mommy and Daddy.. it sounds like while you had a ‘quiet’ time you also accomplished a lot….now…Go get her!….Diane

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