Surely getting old is better than dying young?!?!

A lot of people reflect on their year at the end of the year, I like to do it on my birthday (or in this case the day after). I turned 35 yesterday and had a great day. One of my best friends treated me to a lunch with some of my lovely colleagues. When I came home from work, after picking up Elisabeth from the childminder‘s, I was greeted by my husband who had come home early and baked me birthday cupcakes! With candles and all! How cool is that! In the short time I got my and Elisabeth’s stuff out of our car he had taught Elisabeth to say happy birthday so when I came in she said: ‘Happy birthday mummy’. I also received some great presents, so all in all a great day!

Some people moan about getting older, they find it depressing that they have lost their youth. I don’t. I know getting older isn’t always fun, and it is inevitable to sometimes wish that you could go back in time and re-live your youth. However, every birthday that passes makes me grateful for the simple fact that I am still alive and have the chance to embrace another year. Surely getting old is better than dying young?!?!

The past year has been brilliant, my darling girl turned one last February, she started walking, talking, SLEEPING and we have had all sorts of other wonderful firsts. I got a new job and my husband has been offered a promotion. My amazing nephew turned 3, my brother in law got a new job, my dad moved house, my mum started writing a book and I finally saw most of my Dutch family all together in December. So the past year has been good and I have a lot to be grateful for. But enough of looking back, let’s look forward to another great year to come. Bring it on! I am ready!

10 thoughts on “Surely getting old is better than dying young?!?!

  1. Happy Belated birthday.. You really did have a nice day and are blessed in many ways. It’s good to realize the good things in our lives. I passed 35 a lot of years ago and don’t regret any stage of growing older… Each year/decade is a milestone of it’s own…Diane

  2. Happy Birthday! I know what you mean. I lost a friend last year and we were the same age- 29. I will take living, warts and all, over not because there’s too much beauty and adventure in life to give up on.

    I hope you have many more years of happiness and memories ahead of you.

    1. Thank you so much, sorry to hear about your friend, it is incredibly hard to loose people you care about especially when they are that young. It makes you realise how precious life really is.

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